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0.4.0    2006-10-13
 * two additional flags (IN_ONLYDIR and IN_DONT_FOLLOW) may be used
   if available (#0000086)
 * "errorneous" multiple watches on the same path are no longer
   possible (#0000087)
 * tarball structure has been fixed (#0000088)
 * inotify-syscalls.h is included only if inotify.h doesn't contain
   syscall definitions (#0000090)
 * enabling/disabling is now done through watch presence in the kernel
   instead of dropping events (#0000091)
 * InotifyWatch::SetMask() method has been added to allow later mask

0.3.1    2006-10-03
 * fixed: wrong behavior for EWOULDBLOCK (Inotify::WaitForEvents())

0.3.0    2006-10-03
 * all errors now handled using exceptions (InotifyException)
 * InotifyEvent no longer use struct inotity_event as its
   internal data structure
 * removed InotifyEvent::GetData() - internal data changed
 * removed Inotify::IsReady() - no longer necessary
 * added Inotify::GetDescriptor() - returns inotify file descriptor
 * added Inotify::SetNonBlock() - switches nonblocking mode on/off
 * added possibility to enable/disable watches
 * some code cleanups

0.2.0    2006-09-15
 * InotifyEvent now contains a pointer to the source InotifyWatch
 * fixed: InotifyEvent::IsType() - it now handles the mask correctly
 * added a static method (InotifyEvent::GetMaskByName()) for finding a mask
   for a name
 * added a static version of InotifyEvent::DumpTypes() method
 * added a static version of InotifyEvent::IsType() method
 * dumped types (InotifyEvent::DumpTypes()) now separated by commas
   instead of spaces
 * InotifyEvent::DumpTypes() methods now use as general types as possible
 * InotifyWatch now contains a pointer to the related Inotify

0.1.0    2006-09-04
first alpha version