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112 2325d 09h luk /incron/tags/incron-0.5.10/ 0.5.10 re-release (wrong version number fixed)  
111 2325d 09h luk /incron/tags/ Untagging old 0.5.10 - will be re-realeased.  
110 2325d 09h luk /incron/trunk/ Version number fixed - this revision should be released as 0.5.10.  
109 2327d 09h luk /incron/tags/incron-0.5.10/ 0.5.10 release  
108 2327d 09h luk /incron/trunk/ Various bugfixes and improvements - see CHANGELOG for details.  
105 2327d 12h luk /incron/tags/incron-0.5.9/ Version 0.5.9 tagged  
102 3345d 11h luk /incron/trunk/ Various changes for 0.5.9, see CHANGELOG  
101 3513d 19h luk /incron/tags/incron-0.5.8/  
100 3516d 15h luk /incron/trunk/  
84 3674d 10h luk /incron/tags/incron-0.5.7/  
83 3674d 10h luk /incron/trunk/  
82 3674d 10h luk /incron/tags/incron-0.5.6/  
81 3674d 10h luk /incron/trunk/  
80 3674d 10h luk /incron/tags/incron-0.5.5/  
79 3674d 10h luk /incron/trunk/  
78 3674d 11h luk /incron/tags/incron-0.5.4/  
77 3674d 11h luk /incron/trunk/  
76 3674d 11h luk /incron/tags/incron-0.5.3/  
75 3674d 11h luk /incron/trunk/  
74 3674d 11h luk /incron/tags/incron-0.5.2/  

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